Golf Course Update – May 18

It feels as though summer has arrived early for us this past week as the golf course is firming up nicely.

  • We are in the process of preparing our rough areas for minor fairway expansion on holes #1, #5, #12 and #17.
  • Since our renovation of the 18th tee boxes, we are getting closer to opening as we continue with top dressing and lowering our height of cut.
  • The bunkers have had sand topped up and are continuing to be fine tuned for play.
  • We hope to have the maintenance shop parking lot addition paved by end of week followed by replanting of a cedar hedge around the perimeter soon after.
  • The flower beds and planters are being prepared and filled in beautifully by our gardener Gerard Feaver.

You may have noticed many new faces on the golf course as we have hired some great new staff for the 2018 season, with a few more to come as we look to fill our roster by the end of May.

Jarrod Oliver
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – May 4

Now that the TurfHound mat system is done and the grass tee is ready for use we will start the summer schedule. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the range will be set up for use of the mats for practicing and warming up. On Thursday to Sunday we will be on the grass areas with the covered stalls always in use. This will allow the Links Staff to clean, seed and top-dress the used areas for recovery of the turf. Keeping the seed moist for germination and establishment is a key component to maintaining turf cover throughout the golfing season.

The new bentgrass green that was constructed and established west of the teaching centre in late July 2017 has grown in and matured very well to date. We plan to have this green open within the next 2 weeks for practicing. This will be used as a putting green only and encourage all members to try and test the green and give your feedback. There will be no bunker play onto this green, but you can practice bunker shots out of the south bunker hitting towards the practice fairway.

The recovery from aeration has been very good and we look forward to start dialing the overall course conditions to our standards. Over the next few weeks we will be hiring and training new staff.

Please be aware of the Links Staff when on the course daily as they are trying to do the best job they can without intruding on members and play. Many times Staff are so involved in their tasks they are not always aware of golf shots coming in their general direction, please remember to give out a “FORE” to keep them safe.

Reminder: The golf course will be closed for maintenance on Monday, May 7 until 10:00AM.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – April 25


Last week we were closed for our spring aeration and unfortunately all the wet weather prior to that left us with very moist ground conditions.  Not only was the course saturated, but another 20 mm of rain came down in the first 36 hours of the process, which created even more challenges.

On the positive side, the weather turned for the better by Tuesday afternoon which allowed us to start selective punching and sanding on certain areas throughout the golf course. By Wednesday we were in full gear which allowed us to start spreading sand and have it dry for the brushing in process. Solid tines were used for punching all areas of the course this spring including greens which will allow the turf surfaces to recover much faster. To compliment this we will be venting greens and approaches with small solid tines and sand topdressing more often throughout the golf season. As mentioned last week there were a lot of jobs big and small that happen during the aeration process so check out the Club’s social media sites for more information.

This week we will be mainly concentrating on mowing all areas throughout the course as we try to play catch up with the growth of the turf and the wet conditions of last week.

Next week we will continue with the installation of the baja bunker sand into the remaining bunkers. After install it does take some time for the sand to settle and firm up so your patience is appreciated.

Reminder: The golf course will be closed for maintenance on Monday April 30th until 10:00AM.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Aeration Update – April 18

Due to the wet start to the week, the golf course will remain closed until 12:00 noon on Friday so we can perform some needed last minute tasks.

Aeration week on the golf course is well under way at this time. The weather did not cooperate leading up to the closure dropping almost 3 inches of rain with ¾ of an inch falling on day 1. This restricted the work we were able to accomplish due to the extremely wet conditions. Tuesday improved a little allowing us to manage through some of the key tasks for the aeration process. Finally, Wednesday and Thursday we will see some sunshine and dry weather for the golf course, allowing us to start applying the 1,600 tonnes of sand on the greens, surrounds, tees and fairways. The sand needs to dry completely before we can start brushing it in to the aeration holes and surfaces.


There are many other tasks being accomplished this week during the closure that you are able to view on the Club’s social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – April 11

This past week we have started training new staff and began sprinkler head cleaning, fertilizing and sodding of all projects completed to date. We have also started adding new sand to all bunkers and will continue this process over the next few weeks.

The new tri-wave overseeder is being put through the testing and adjusting process so it will be ready for seeding next week. This unit will also be used for bentgrass overseeding trials on fairways over the next 4 to 5 months.

Reminder: The golf course will be closed for aeration from Monday, April 16 to Thursday, April 19.

Wade Hawksworth 
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – April 4


This week we see the return of our Links Staff and the start of some new hired staff. This allows us to start some preparation for aeration week, such as the edging and cleaning of all sprinkler heads, valve covers and drain covers. This allows for minimal interference of the water spray and distribution of the sprinkler heads during irrigation. It also allows us to mark these items with flags so the aerators do not punch and damage the irrigation and drainage systems.

The two tees on #18 are in the process of being sodded today plus any remaining irrigation repairs done over the winter will also have sod installed.

Bunker sand is being delivered on Thursday which will allow us to start replenishing the sand in the bunkers around the golf course a little earlier than usual as long as the weather allows us to truck the sand around the golf course.

The new Turfco Triwave 45 Overseeder has arrived and we are testing the machine and doing any adjustments needed to perform to our standards. 

Just a reminder that Monday, April 9th will be a Maintenance Morning with the golf course closed until 11:00 am.

Wade Hawksworth 
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – March 29


Every year from February to April we see some dominant purple patches on the greens, especially the older greens. This is not a disease, but stems from limited varieties of bentgrasses that were over-seeded into the greens in the 60’s and 70’s. It is a natural growth pattern of this earlier variety where the leaves have a purplish tint to them as they come out of winter dormancy which will eventually turn dark green as the weather warms. The bentgrass varieties available today are far superior from years past with much better options for quality bentgrass seed for putting greens.

The new TurfHound mat system on the practice tee is now complete with the paving stone border and sodding finished.

The tees on #18 are in the finishing stage with the final grades and preparation for sodding by early next week.

Also, the temporary winter mats on the par 3’s will be removed by the end of the week to allow for teeing off of the natural grass tees.

Wade Hawksworth 
Golf Course Superintendent

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