Golf Course Update – June 21

The Links Department managed to accomplish a lot over this last week:

  • Fairways were top-dressed with a light application of sand and brushed in.
  • The weak areas on some of the greens were spiked and seeded with bentgrass.
  • Over-seeded bentgrass into some test areas on fairways #3, #8 and #10.
  • A contractor trimmed the heavy growth along the Fraser river bank.
  • An application of fungicide on greens to defend against fusarium that hit us after the rain last week.
  • The front portion of the 12th green was re-sodded with sod from the turf farm putting green. We have also increased the mowing height to help with recovery, but this green will be slower than the rest for a while. This green struggles with health issues as it receives more wear from foot traffic along with black layer that has developed under the surface.

With the recent warmer temperatures, the turf requires much more water to keep from drying out. We have scheduled staff to come in the afternoons to hand water greens and areas to cool the turf surfaces.

Reminder that Monday June 25th is a maintenance day and the course will open for play at 10:00am. Also on the 25th, the 1st tee will be closed from 3-5PM for the Staff Golf Tournament.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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June 18th Maintenance Monday


Great day for golf! Great day for maintenance Monday. The 12th green has been repaired and the fairways were lightly top dressed and brushed in. Hired Brush-X to cut down the brush along the dyke.

Jarrod Oliver
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – June 14

The 12th green is weak and is consequently having some health problems at this time. Over the past few weeks we have vented with solid tines twice, over-seeded with bentgrass, sand top-dressed and fertilized with light amounts of soluble nitrogen sources. Most recently we have replaced areas on the front portion of the green with sod strips/plugs and will be sodding the front of the green next week. We have increased the height of cut slightly on the 12th green to help encourage a healthier stand of turf in the areas that are struggling. We expect this change will be in effect for 1 to 2 weeks so please expect this green to be slower. We will also need to use hollow core tines on this green at the spring and fall aerations along with venting more often throughout the season to help increase root structure and strength.

Next, we have also started some test sites on fairways to over-seed with bentgrass. The fairways are a makeup of two main types of grasses including perennial ryegrass which has been over seeded into the fairways over the years and poa annua which is a native grass. These two grasses can be problematic at different times of the year for many different reasons. The test areas include the middle section on #3, the main landing area on #8 and the middle section of #10 fairways. The reason behind this is to introduce a more resilient type of grass to instill a more consistent turf cover throughout the seasons. This will require applications of a starter fertilizer and running irrigation on these areas throughout the day during the germination period. As with most cultural practices into established turf cover changes take months and years but to help speed up this process we plan to over seed these sites 3 times over the next 3 months.

Finally, a new hedge has been installed around the Turf Care Centre lot to close off access and sight lines.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Maintenance Monday June 17th

Important Message

We will be resodding the front portion of the 12th green on Monday and it will play with a temporary green while the work is happening. We will remove the existing sod and soil and replace with new soil and sod. This area will play as ground under repair for a few weeks until it has established enough roots to allow play.

Reminder that Monday June 18th is a maintenance day and the course will be closed until 10:00am.

Thank you for your patience in advance.

Wade Hawksworth GCS.

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Maintenance Monday – June 4

A reminder that Monday, June 4th is a turf maintenance day and the course will be closed until 10:00AM.

To help with the health of the greens we will be venting with small solid tines to allow oxygen into the soil for root development. Greens will be over-seeded with bentgrass along with a light application of sand top-dressing. We will also be fertilizing tees, fairways and green surrounds along with other maintenance practices throughout the golf course.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Bentgrass Putting Green Opens Today

Our new bentgrass putting green next to the Teaching Center is now open.

  • This site will be used primarily as a putting green for our trial period.
  • Chipping will be allowed only as a warm up area.
  • No pitching to this green will be allowed.
  • No bunker shots are to be played to the new green.
  • The bunker next to the first fairway will be closed.
  • The bunker on the practice fairway side can be used for practice with shots only being directed toward the practice fairway.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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Golf Course Update – May 23

This past Tuesday, we vented the greens with solid tines followed by top-dressing and matting this Wednesday morning. Solid tine punching on greens is a practice used more and more by turf managers on golf greens throughout the US and Canada. There are many variables with turf types, soil conditions and climate to consider when approaching this process, but the results can be positive to the player and the turf managers.

Instead of aerating with hollow tines which pulls a plug out of the ground, we use a solid tine that pushes a spike into the ground and compresses the ground around the tine to create a hole. The process increases the oxygen in the soil, water movement, root development and aids in thatch decomposition. It will also require venting with small tines every 3 to 4 weeks throughout the year along with sand top-dressing to help fill the voids after each process. The main benefits to the player is that the recovery time is much quicker, producing better conditions shortly after aerations. We will monitor the thatch development as we go through this new aeration process.

Mike Henneberg has built a large addition to the garden located on the Turf Farm next to the short game practice area to be used as a herb and vegetable garden. 

We are now gearing up for firm and fast summer conditions. We will also start posting greens speeds daily from June 1 as measured by the USGA stimp meter.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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