16- Near Completion

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March 29, 2012

The pond restoration work on 16 is about 90% complete.  16,000 square feet of sod has been installed around the pond and across fairways #17 and #18 along with some seeding in a few small areas. Over the next two weeks we will construct a new bridge to the island which will be cleared and replanted.  We also have to replace the hazard stakes.
The sodding around the pond on #4 will be completed early next week. All the pond and waterway work has gone very well with the timelines and the budget is on track.  Once we are finished sodding around the ponds, we will get started on improvements to our drainage, specifically the right side of #1 fairway and #13 and #15 fairways.

Architect Jim Urbina arrives on April 10th when we will start the construction of the forward tees and tree planting.  The installation of forward tees may interrupt play on some holes and temporary tees will be used as needed.  The new tee sites will be excavated, installed with drainage, filled with sand to grade and then prepped for sod. When all 9 sites have been completed to this point, sod will be ordered and installed. We expect the time line for this project to be from 2 to 3 weeks.
We will also be working with Jim to address the positioning and planting of new trees in a few selected sites on the golf course. The majority of tree stock will come from our own nursery, however a few larger specimens may be purchased for locations where their size will provide greater safety.

We thank you for your patience.
Wade Hawksworth.



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One Response to 16- Near Completion

  1. Michael Bentley says:

    Thank you for these updates. I think the ponds are going to look much better. Was any thought given to lining them with gravel or gravel over tarp for cleaner looking water?
    Again thank you for the updates, and the great work to maintain and enhance our golf course.

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