Maintenance Mondays

            Work Efficiency
·        Allow staff to work efficiently for 5-6  hours with no golf and get more completed.
·        No stoppages for play; more work will get completed faster freeing up laborers for other jobs that day.
·        Fairways mowed with little or no interruption.
·        Can tackle projects with little or no interruption
·        Topdressing greens, drainage projects in fairways, hydro-jecting greens, divots on fairways and tees, and small irrigation projects.
Plant Protectants
·        Spraying is almost completed without play interference; allows for proper drying time before traffic hits.
Detail Items
·        Free up labourers from raking bunkers, setup, and coolers from early morning jobs.
·        Employees will be utilized in other detail jobs around the course; jobs will be completed later in the day.
Driving Range Tee and Field Maintenance
·        More topdressing and fertilization can be done on range tee before 10:00 am.
·        Allows for better practice area for the members and guests.
·        Field, target greens, and tee can be mowed without interruption.
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