Upcoming Golf Course Work

March 28, 2014

Over the next few weeks the Links Staff will be working on a few additional projects along with the regular course maintenance.

Tree Work
We hope to have a large tree spade in next week to transplant three large cedars from the right of the 2nd fairway to designated spots recommended by our golf course architect. The prep work has started and a plywood road will need to be set in place to reduce the damage to the turf.

A few other trees will be removed including a cedar to the left of the 14th green and some maples to the right of the approach to our 18th green. This will create better traffic flow; much better conditions to improve turf health and general playability of the areas.

13th Fairway
The left side of the 13th fairway where the poplar removal was done this winter needs to be properly finished. The process will start with removal of the wood chips and rototilling the area for sub grading. We will then start to add loads of sand until we create our preferred grades. Irrigation heads will be raised to the same grade and sod will be installed to the 15,000 square foot area. The area will be marked ground under repair until the turf is ready for play.

Links Department

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