Frost Policy

Frost Policy
Links Committee – November 2014

For many years the club has allowed play on the course under frost and even snow covered conditions. We now have evidence that this causes severe turf damage, particularly in many high traffic areas. This affects playability and lasts for several months. During this year’s visit from USGA Turf Agronomist Larry Gilhuly, he strongly recommended changing our frost policy to be more aligned with the best practices at most of the other private clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

While we encourage play during the winter months, the Links Committee feel a new direction is needed on how we handle play during frosty mornings or frozen conditions.
Below is a new policy has been approved for implementation this winter by the Links Committee, Match Committee and Board of Directors.

Winter Play Policy

The golf course will be closed:

– When the entire course is frozen and until 85% of the frost on the entire course has
– During frozen soil with black frost.
– During very heavy rainfall that creates large areas of surface water.
– During snow cover.

Greens will be closed and temporary greens will be in play for the following reasons:

– Turf that is still covered by frost.
– Surfaces that are under very wet or saturated conditions.

During the freezing and thawing of the green’s soil profile, traffic will cause injury to the roots or crown of the grass. Daily probing of the soil will determine when the green sites will be opened or closed.

Shot-Gun Winter Golf:
– On weekends during the winter months when frosty conditions are imminent and the course is not frozen we will hold a mid-day shot-gun. This will allow as many members as possible to play 18 holes with as much of the course open as possible. All membership categories and guests will be eligible.

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