Golf Course Protection Plan – Water Restrictions


July 16, 2015

Due to the GVRD water restrictions, it is already apparent that the turf on the golf course will be at a very high stress level. Under these conditions the damage to the turf will only increase daily including;

  • Traffic such as, foot, carts and machinery during heat stress will break or bruise the leaf of the grass plant which restricts the flow of moisture and nutrients and photosynthesis. This can ultimately cause death of the plant.

To protect the golf course the Links Committee, with Board of Directors approval, have decided to restrict cart use to medical use and they will be confined to paths and flagged routes in the rough. Also all maintenance staff will travel in the rough unless absolutely necessary. Mowing practices such as height of cut and frequency will be adjusted ongoing to reduce the stress on the turf. All agronomic practices will be adjusted to maintain as healthy strand of turf as can be done.

As water restrictions remain and/or increase over the next few months, more restrictions may be introduced to protect the turf. Our main concern is to protect our clubs significant investment in turf and minimize damage to the great playing conditions we all enjoy.

Links Committee
Marine Drive Golf Club

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