Water Update

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Since Stage 3 Water Restrictions were put in place (July 20th) we have been able to continue watering our greens and tees minimally and are restricted from watering our fairways with city water.

We have however been recapturing our own water that flows through creeks into our pond at the 16th hole. Once it was determined that the water sources were safe to use we started watering our fairways with a couple of 200 gallon tanks that are commonly used to spray fertilizers and pesticides. Recently the Board approved the purchase of two 500 gallon tanks and two high pressure pumps that will considerably increase our watering ability. Under stage 4 we would not be permitted to properly irrigate our greens and tees with city water and the addition of these new larger watering tanks will give us that option.

Even though we are experiencing many areas of turf loss the additional water we are spreading on our fairways has allowed us to keep some greener turf longer. To date we have reduced our irrigation water use by more than 80% by shutting off all restricted areas of turf under Stage 3. We have also raised some mowing heights and reduced mowing to a minimum where necessary.

Tim Tait
Director of Golf

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