Links Construction Projects – Update

Oct22a PracticeBunker2a Oct22b Oct22c Oct22d
The Links Staff are repairing the bunker faces by the chipping green and front of #13 green due to the build up of sand from high use of these bunkers.

Also included are some pictures of the bunker face of the fairway bunker on #13 that the crows destroyed over the weekend feeding on the European chafer larva. They have been feeding on the fairway bunker on #8 also. Much of this chafer beetle problem is a result of the extreme dry conditions this past summer resulting in a build up of thatch and dead grass. We are going to strip the damaged areas on both bunker faces and spray with an insecticide.

We are also leveling the tee deck on #4 because of severe crowning of the surface. We expect to be re-turfing all of these sites next week.

Links Department

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