Golf Course Update – Feb 2


Prevailing cold weather has restricted us from putting regular greens back in play. Although most greens are showing some improvement from the snow and ice desiccation that occurred from December 5th through mid-January, the recovery is still very slow because of the low temperatures. On Wednesday February 1st we installed turf covers on greens #3, #7 and #15 as they were showing more stress from the deep freeze. The turf covers are removed in the mornings after the threat of frost has past to allow direct sunlight and or warmer air temperatures to help warm the surfaces. In the late afternoon the tarps are pulled back over the green surfaces to remove the surface frost and retain as much heat as possible during the night.

All greens were again top dressed with black sand to help encourage warmer surface temperatures by absorbing sunlight during the day light hours. We also sprayed another fungicide application on February 2nd on the greens ahead of schedule in preparation of the current weather forecasts.

Considering the potential of snow and freezing temperatures over the next week or so playing conditions will fluctuate each day. Please check the clubs website each morning to see what options are available for that day.

Wade Hawksworth
Links Superintendent

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