Chipping Green Construction


As many of you may have noticed, we have removed the sod from the chipping green on the northwest side of the teaching center.  This was done to supply sod for our regular greens after the devastating kill this past winter.  While we grow significant amounts of turf on our sod farm, we simply ran out with all the need this year.

Since this green requires replanting, we are taking the opportunity to improve its base and test some new strains of grass which have been suggested for our site.  As you will see in the attached photos we have already removed the top layer to a depth of roughly 18 inches; we will also expose and confirm all drainage is still in good working order.

Once we are sure the drainage system is working well, we will rebuild the green to a standard promoted by the USGA.  This will start with roughly 5 inches of drainage rock smoothed to match the final surface grade and contours. Next comes a specific mix of root zone material, again the blend is specified by the USGA.  This surface will be packed and smoothed to final contours in preparation for grass seed.  We will use seed which takes longer to mature because it will ultimately create a better plant and a better green in the end.

This green will be planted in equal sections of 3 different varieties of bentgrass recommended for our climate by USGA Agronomists and other experts as an experiment.  These new varieties of grass have done well in other trials in the Pacific Northwest and will provide valuable information should we be interested in changing our regular greens down the road. This green will be ready for use as a putting green next spring.

This construction project will take 3-4 weeks for our crew to fit into the regular course maintenance schedule. We will be using the excavated material to fill the swale to the left of the 7th green which we will seed with fairway (rye) grass.

We are also working on the path between the 14th Tee and 15th Tee in preparation for asphalt over the coming weeks.

Wade Hawksworth
Links Superintendent

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