July 13th Update

Golf Course Update – July 13, 2017

It would have seemed hard to believe we would ever get past our winter and cold, wet spring to enjoy the some summer warmth and dry conditions. During this time of year we have better control of the moisture content throughout the golf course with our irrigation system. Again from now until October we will attempt to maintain the golf course as firm and dry as possible without jeopardizing the health of the turf. So come to the club and enjoy the summer conditioning as long as the weather lasts.

The test green on the practice range has had the root zone mix installed and is being soaked multiple times a day to produce a firm surface to work with. The next step will be to grade the material to the uniform depth and surface grades for the seeding and grassing process. We expect to receive the second variety of bentgrass seed this week and will be seeding the green by next week.

We are lining up the pavers to come in on one of the next two Mondays to asphalt the path by the 14th tees. This will dramatically improve the aesthetics of this area and be consistent with all the other tee sites around the golf course.


Wade Hawksworth, GCS

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