Aeration Week Review

Aeration Week

The aeration process went very well other than the 3 machinery breakdowns which we managed to work our way through. Our weather was really good except for a rain downpour on Wednesday morning that slowed the drying of the sand for a few extra hours. I would like to thank the links staff who worked their traditional 12-hour days and Jarrod who did a great job managing the crew with their revolving job tasks throughout each day.

The aeration contractor did a good job with deep tine aeration on greens and fairways and hollow core aeration on 4 fairways along with sand top-dressing on all fairways.

Some tree work was accomplished by two separate contractors which will ultimately improve some shade issues around some green and tee sites.

The fourth contractor is installing slit drains on greens #1 and #15 this week and I expect them to be finished by Sunday. We will have temporary greens for these two holes until next week to allow the sod on the drain lines to be sand top-dressed and mend in before we allow the stress of traffic on them. We hope to install slit drains on #7 within the next few weeks if the weather co-operates.

The playability on tees, approaches and fairways will be decent over the next few days and will recover very quickly because of the height of cut. The greens generally take 2 to 4 weeks to recover depending on the weather and growing conditions. Greens maintenance will be restricted over the next 4 to 5 days due to the sand on the surface but will get better as the turf grows and the sand settles in the canopy.

Thank you for your patience.

Wade Hawksworth, GCS.

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