Product Applications and Use of Temporary Greens

It’s a beautiful day in November and I wonder why the Golf Course Superintendent has put the flag sticks onto the temporary greens?

We apply many products for turf health and disease control on greens from September through March during the cooler, moist and wet times of the year. The products we spray are almost all foliar applied which means pressure is used to create fine water droplets forced through a nozzle which is then applied to a surface. This solution is sprayed uniformly and precisely on the green surface and covers the leaf blades or foliage of the grass plant thoroughly. Foliar applications require time to dry on the leaf blades of the grass plant or need time for the product to be absorbed by the plant to be effective.

Weather will play a large part of success and effectiveness of the products because we cannot spray the foliar products when it’s raining or if rain or showers are expected within 24 hours of application. Shorter days and moist conditions also play a big part in the process of drying or plant uptake of these products. There are also restricted entry intervals printed on product labels that stipulate timelines for re-entry onto the sprayed sites for product effectiveness and safety reasons.

The interval between spray applications becomes another main factor for when decisions are made to apply fungicides or other necessary products. If a product needs to be applied every 14 days for success, than we may have to spray on the only day where the weather will cooperate. A decision may have to be made 1 or 2 days in advance or sometimes the morning of the application of a product due to fluctuating weather patterns. This is when the use of temporary greens will be necessary to keep staff and play off the sprayed surface until the product has a chance to dry and be effective.

These decisions are made with the top priority for health and protection from turf born diseases on our greens especially from September to March when they are most vulnerable. We always try to have as much of the golf course in play on any given day during the winter months.

Your patience is appreciated.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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