Fungicide Treatments & Control

As recently reported we are experimenting with alternative prevention for control of the turf grass disease fusarium patch on poa annua greens. The test plot pictures shown below are located on the 9th green and tell a visual story of how the trials are going as of December 5, 2017.

All the greens on the golf course are receiving applications of fungicides, sulfur, phosphites and fertilizers to help control fusarium outbreaks. Although the trials on the 9th green are showing good results we are still seeing some disease on certain greens. I think this is due to other factors like micro climates, poa strains, soil makeup and surface moisture that contribute to reduced disease control.

Plot #3:
 Consists of scheduled fungicide applications and shows excellent control of disease.

Plot #2:  Consists of scheduled sulfur / phosphite applications and also shows very good control of disease.

Plot #1:  Is the control and is void of fungicide or sulfur / phosphite applications and shows severe disease infestation when no control products are used.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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