Golf Course Update – July 18

We have been spending all our time preparing the golf course for member play and getting ready for the Canadian Women’s Amateur. This entails extra mowing and sharpening of reels and blades and mower adjustments to fine tune the cuts and mow patterns throughout the golf course. As of last week, we will not be spraying any paint lines on the golf course so Golf Canada can paint the hazards and any areas of concern for the tournament. We have been brushing fairways before mowing to help the grass stand upright for trimming. We have also been trimming low branches to improve the throw consistency of sprinklers close to trees to reduce wet spots in the roughs. Bunkers have been edged along with doing sand depth checks and moving sand for consistency. The out of bounds and hazard stakes will be checked, cleaned and replaced if needed along with trimming between each stake to allow visual of in or out of play.

We are saving areas on the tee decks that Golf Canada will be using for the CWA. Some tee marker setups may be shorter or longer than usual as we save these areas for the tournament.

We have planted a large Japanese maple tree behind the 6th tees to help the washrooms blend in and will be adding other plantings along the sides.

We have received another 3 teak benches and have put them together and installed them on a few key tee decks around the golf course.

The Links staff are excited about preparing for a tournament and are putting in lots of extra time and effort to make sure your golf course is in great shape so we can all be proud.

Wade Hawksworth
Golf Course Superintendent

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